Use of Personal Data

Here, please find the details on how we use the data of our customers.


When using personal data

Yahoo! JAPAN uses the acquired personal data to provide Services*, to study improvements and new Services, and to investigate and analyze the usage of Services. In addition, when a customer's personal information is provided to a third party, Yahoo! JAPAN does so with the consent of the customer.


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For more information on the use of personal data, please refer to "Examples of use" below.

There may be cases in which Yahoo! JAPAN provides personal data to a third party within the limits prescribed in the Privacy Policy. However, when we actually disclose the personal data, we do so after we remove personally identifiable information, such as names and addresses, as well as special care-required personal information, except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations or when we separately obtain the consent of the customer. Even in such cases, Yahoo! JAPAN provides personal data to a third party within the necessary limits after carefully assessing the impact on the customer's privacy and comprehensively considering matters such as: a) the necessity and method of disclosure to the third party (e.g. whether to provide the data by granting limited access rights only to this third party on Yahoo! JAPAN's system instead of granting physical access to the data, or physically providing the information itself, etc.); b) the safety management measures put in place by this third party; and c) the relationship between Yahoo! JAPAN and this third party (e.g. the relationship between the service provided by Yahoo! JAPAN and the service provided by this third party, the existence of capital ties, etc.). Furthermore, Yahoo! JAPAN takes the utmost care to prevent personal data from being used to the disadvantage of customers, such as fraud and infringement of privacy, by establishing internal regulations.

*Services, products, advertisements and contents are hereinafter collectively referred to as "Services". However, Services include services, products, advertisements or contents towards partners and customers other than the customer him/herself.

Examples of use


Yahoo! JAPAN uses customers' registered information such as Yahoo! JAPAN IDs and passwords to authenticate whether the login was made by the same customer.



In order to provide the most suitable Services for each customer, we use the information on customers' interests estimated based on Yahoo! JAPAN's own standards.


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Yahoo! JAPAN analyzes information such as the customer's area of domicile, gender, month and year of birth, and use history of Services (search key words, browsed webpages, apps used, items purchased, etc.), and estimates the customer's interests to optimize content and Services to meet the interest of the customer.

For example, Yahoo! JAPAN News analyzes users' article browsing history and indicates articles it estimates to be of interest to them, while Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping analyzes users' item browsing history and purchase history to indicate information on recommended items.

Improvement of Services and study of new Services

Yahoo! JAPAN analyzes customers' needs for Services and uses information such as customers' area of domicile, gender, month and year of birth, and use history of Services (search key words, browsed webpages, apps used, items purchased, etc.) to improve existing Services and study new Services.


Display of advertisements

In order to display appropriate advertisements that meet the needs of individual customers, Yahoo! JAPAN uses information on customer's area of domicile, gender, month and year of birth, etc. Also, Yahoo! JAPAN analyzes customers' use history of Services and information provided, and uses the information on customers' interest estimated by Yahoo! JAPAN using its own standards.


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The customers' use history of Services include information such as search key words, browsed webpages, apps used, items purchased, location information, etc. In addition, Yahoo! JAPAN may use information collected from multiple environments (devices, apps, browsers, etc.).

For more information on behavioral targeting advertising, please refer to the following.

Autofill, etc.

The registered information of a customer is used: to automatically display customer information on the entry screen so that entry and sending of customer information necessary when purchasing products, etc. will be facilitated; to create information for sending; to transfer and register information to the provider of Services that the customer intends to use.


Identity verification

Yahoo! JAPAN uses information such as name, birthdate, address, telephone number, bank account number, credit card number, driver's license number, record of delivery-certified mail, etc. when a customer uses some Services that require identity verification and when Yahoo! JAPAN verifies the identity of a customer in response to an inquiry from the customer.


Response to inquiries

When responding to an inquiry from a customer, Yahoo! JAPAN uses the customer's registered information as well as information on the customer's use history.


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Furthermore, Yahoo! JAPAN may provide customers' information or information on their use of Services to a partner if there is an inquiry regarding Services provided by the partner.


When billing our customers who used our paid services, Yahoo! JAPAN uses the names and quantities of products purchased; types, period, and frequency of services used; amount spent; and names, addresses, bank account number and credit card number of our customers (including registered information).


Notifications and delivery

Yahoo! JAPAN uses the contact information of customers such as names, addresses and e-mail addresses when sending notifications (including notifications on Services provided by Yahoo! JAPAN and partners) and products, etc.


Provision of Services linked with location information

Yahoo! JAPAN may obtain location information of the devices used by customers for Services and use the information when providing Services.

Yahoo! JAPAN uses the location information of customers' devices when instructing routes on Yahoo! JAPAN Car Navigation or indicating customers' current locations on Yahoo! JAPAN MAP. Yahoo! JAPAN also uses such information in cases where the information is essential for the provision of Services, such as when providing timely information on disasters in areas where customers are currently located, as well as to enable customers to use Services more comfortably.

For details, please refer to "Use of Location Information"


Provision of useful features and optimization of advertisements through e-mail analysis

Yahoo! JAPAN uses the results of automatic analyses of e-mails sent and received through Yahoo! JAPAN Mail to provide features that enable users to use Yahoo! JAPAN Mail more conveniently or deliver advertisements and notifications that are judged to be highly related to the interests of the user.

Please see "Provision of useful features and optimization of advertisement (Japanese only)" for details.


Measures against spams and illegal use

Yahoo! JAPAN uses customers' registered information and their use history of Services when preventing, detecting, or investigating violations of the terms of service, criminal acts such as fraud and unauthorized access, and illegal or unjust use of Services.


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Yahoo! JAPAN discloses information to relevant organizations when we provide information to public agencies, etc. when customer's violation of laws and regulations is suspected, such as selling illegal items on YAHUOKU! and Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping, or when we are requested to provide personal data in accordance with laws and regulations.

Furthermore, Yahoo! JAPAN may provide personal data to research organizations to study preventive measures against ID hijacking, etc.

Please see "Initiatives in Yahoo! JAPAN Mail (Japanese only)" for Yahoo! JAPAN's measures against spam mails.

Use of statistical data by companies and local governments

In Yahoo! JAPAN's data solution business, companies and governments utilize statistical data that has been created based on customer data and anonymized to the extent that individuals cannot be identified.


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For example, the results of analyses such as how much a certain topic is searched or how many people gather in a certain area can be used to make the customer's life more convenient.

When Yahoo! JAPAN creates statistical data, it takes the utmost care to protect the customers' privacy so that they cannot be identified through analyses by third parties.

For more details on our data solution business, please refer to "Yahoo! JAPAN Data Solution - To our individual customers" (Japanese only).

Improvement of communication environment

Yahoo! JAPAN may provide information on the customers' use environment to mobile phone operators as reference data for improving and announcing the communication environment.


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Apps from which information is collected

  • Yahoo! JAPAN Disaster Alert
  • Yahoo! JAPAN Car Navigation
  • Yahoo! JAPAN MAP
  • Yahoo! JAPAN Weather
  • Yahoo! JAPAN Transit Navigation

Information provided

Location information (including GPS information), communication status, etc.

*In each case, personal information is not included in the information provided, and the information is processed and provided in a form that does not focus on a specific individual customer.

For details, please refer to the special terms and conditions of the app that you are using.

Examination and analysis of utilization

Yahoo! JAPAN uses customers' usage history of Services to examine and analyze the number of users of Services, and the number of views and clicks of advertisements delivered by Yahoo! JAPAN and its partners.

Yahoo! JAPAN also provides various information related to services provided by Yahoo! JAPAN (e.g. product reviews in Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping, bid history in YAHUOKU!) to research institutions.