Privacy Settings

Here, please find the details on settings related tothe data of our customers.

Setting on use and provision of personal data

Yahoo! JAPAN offers features that enable customers to adjust their setting on how their personal data is used for advertising and email delivery, etc. or is disclosed to a third party. Please see "Privacy and E-mail Delivery (Japanese only)" for how to change your preferences.


Data connection setting with Group Companies

Users' preference on data connection with Group Companies can be freely changed at any time from the screen on data connection setting with Group Companies.


Private browsing

"Private browsing"*3 is a setting that deletes information such as the information that users entered in the search window and inquiry forms, as well as automatically saved log-in information and browsing history, etc., from the "device's storage area allocated for each site" at the end of sessions (i.e., when all the tabs opened in the private browsing mode are closed). To take full advantage of the private browsing feature, users need to close their sessions frequently.


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What you can do with private browsing

  • This prevents other people using the same device from knowing your search history, input information, browsing history, etc. (hereinafter collectively referred to as "history and input information") and from taking over your login status to the website.

What you cannot do with private browsing

  • The content that you downloaded will not be deleted.
  • If you are using the network provided by the site operator, Internet service provider, workplace, school, etc., you will not be able to prevent your History and Input Information from being tracked by the administrator.
  • Private browsing is not a feature that blocks ad personalization based on your action history (browsing history, etc.). If you wish to turn off the ad personalization feature, you can do so by turning it off from "Ad settings(Japanese only)" However, please note that this setting is executed by maintaining the settings information in the "device's storage area allocated to each site" explained above, so if you wish to continuously turn off the ad personalization feature, you would need to turn off the setting when you are in the normal browsing mode as well as for each private browsing session.

*3 "Private browsing" is also called "Private Browse," "InPrivate Browsing," etc., depending on the browser used. The private browsing function is provided by each company's browser, and we do not guarantee its functionality.

Search history

The search keywords you have entered in Yahoo! JAPAN Search are stored in the device you are using as "search history". You can change your preferences so that your search history is not saved. You can also delete your search history that has been saved. Please see below for details.


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When using a PC

To change your preferences for saving your search history or to delete your search history, you must change the settings of the browser you are using. Please refer to the following web pages or the help or support pages of your browser to change your preferences.

When using browsers on your smartphone

Please see the following page for how to change your preferences to save your search history.

To delete your search history, tap the search keyword entry field to display your search history and click the "Clear History" button at the bottom of the window.

When using the Yahoo! JAPAN app

Please see the following page for how to change your preferences to save your search history and to delete your search history.

*Changing your preferences so that your search history is not saved must be carried out for each Yahoo! JAPAN ID if you are logged in with your Yahoo! JAPAN ID and for each device if you are not logged in with your Yahoo! JAPAN ID.