Yahoo! JAPAN
Transparency Report

The transparency report provides information on the disclosure requests that Yahoo! JAPAN has received from law enforcement agencies.

Yahoo! JAPAN Transparency Report

Requests for User Information Received From Law Enforcement Agencies

Transparency Report

Period Investigation-related inquiry Warrants Emergency disclosure requests Percentage of requests that result in the disclosure of some information (%)
2020/1〜2020/6 3,921 248 8 57.7%
2020/7〜2020/12 3,094 293 9 56.6%
2021/1〜2021/6 2,548 250 10 46.8%
2021/7〜2021/12 2,213 190 7 32.8%

*One request document may contain requests for information on more than one item.
*Requests for information related to services of a subsidiary or an affiliated company of Yahoo Japan Corporation are not included.