Personal data

Privacy Policy applies to the personal data of our customers.

What is personal data?

Privacy Policy applies to the personal data of our customers.

"Personal data" refers to information on a person, such as information on the customer entered by the customer when using our service, browse/search history of webpages, purchase history in our shopping service and others. Sometimes, "personal information" which can identify an individual is included in this data.


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Personal data includes personal information as well as all information that can distinguish that a piece of information belongs to somebody although it may not identify the individual. For example, if a customer accesses the webpage of Yahoo! JAPAN, information that identifies the browser used by the customer (identifier) is sent to Yahoo! JAPAN *1.

By aggregating the accesses from this identifier, Yahoo! JAPAN is able to know which webpage is accessed by the customer who uses a specific browser. In this case, Yahoo! JAPAN is unable to know which specific customer is using this specific browser, but will be able to know that somebody accessed this webpage. Thus, all information with which Yahoo! JAPAN can know that "the information belongs to somebody" falls under personal data.

*1 Setting to prevent continuous tracking is also possible. For details, please refer to "Private browsing".

What is personal information?

Personal information refers to personal information as defined in the Act on the Protection of Personal Information, and out of personal data, it refers to information that can specify an individual.

For example, information that includes names and addresses, etc. falls under personal information. Even if names, etc. are not included, if an individual can be identified by a combination of information such as gender, telephone number, workplace, etc. or by easily checking with other pieces of information, such information falls under personal information.


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Major personal information held by Yahoo! JAPAN is as follows:

  • Name, address, telephone number
  • Registered email address that includes name and name of the organization that the individual belongs to, which enables the individual to be specified
  • The Act on the Protection of Personal Information prescribes a special type of personal information that requires special care as special care-required personal information". Race, creed, social status, medical history, criminal record, fact of having suffered damage by a crime, or other descriptions fall under "special care-required personal information".

Yahoo! JAPAN complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and takes due care to protect the privacy of our customers by acquiring the consent of our customers and by other means in the acquisition, use, and provision of special care-required personal information.

What is statistical information?

Information that cannot be regarded as somebody's information as a result of aggregation and analysis, etc. (aggregation results and data model) is classified as "statistical information" and is distinguished from "personal data."

Please note that "statistical information" can be used for purposes other than those prescribed in the Privacy Policy.


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Personal data is sometimes used when Yahoo! JAPAN creates statistical information.

Yahoo! JAPAN also pays close attention on the protection of customers' privacy in these cases so that the customers will not be specified through analysis, etc. by a third party. Yahoo! JAPAN uses various statistical information to improve its services and to communicate information that leads to the problem solving of social issues such as "Yahoo! JAPAN Big Data Report (Japanese only)"