Data Connection with Group Companies

Here, please find the details on how we connect data with our Group Companies.

Data Connection with Group Companies<

* “Data connection” explained in this page refers to the provision of personal data from Yahoo! JAPAN to its Group Companies based on our Privacy Policy 3.2.
* “Group Companies” refer to Z Holdings Corporation and its parent company, subsidiary companies and associated companies.

Measures to protect privacy in the data connection with Group Companies

In regards to the data connection between Yahoo! JAPAN and the Group Companies, Yahoo! JAPAN establishes the necessary rules and structure in order to protect the privacy of our customers, and continuously operates under these rules and structures as well as make improvements to them.


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Measures implemented:

  • Under the leadership of Yahoo! JAPAN's Chief Data Officer (CDO), persons responsible for data management are appointed in each Group Company in order to protect and appropriately use our Customer Data in a systematic manner.
  • Pieces of information that can directly specify individuals, such as names and addresses, are not included in the connected data. In addition, special care-required personal information and communication secrets are also not included. (*3)
  • Yahoo! JAPAN prohibits Group Companies to connect data acquired from Yahoo! JAPAN to third parties such as other companies (*3)
  • *3 Excludes cases in which individual consent is acquired from customers.

Setting of data connection with Group Companies

Data connection to Group Companies will be enabled only when the customer has activated the settings to agree to the data connection.


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Customers can enable or disable data connection with Group Companies at any time from the Setting screen on data connection with Group Companies (Japanese only).

Customers can continue to use the service of the Group Companies even if they opt not to connect data in the setting screen on data connection with Group Companies. Moreover, opting out of this option does not affect data connection to which the customers have already given consent, as stated below.

  • Data connection to which customers have given individual consent in using the services of the Group Companies. e.g. Social log-in to services provided by Group Companies using Yahoo! JAPAN ID
  • Data connection necessary to provide/improve the services of Yahoo! JAPAN based on Privacy Policy 3.1.
  • e.g. Appealing Yahoo! JAPAN services using services provided by Group Companies

Group Companies with which data is connected

Please find the list of major Group Companies with which Yahoo! JAPAN connects data.


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Outcome of data connection with Group Companies

We deliver better user experience and services as a result of connecting data with Group Companies.


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Yahoo! JAPAN believes that data connection with our Group Companies will enable us to deliver a better user experience to our customers. More convenient and user-friendly functions, such as provision of information and plans that best suit the individual interests of the customers will become possible through the various services offered by our Group Companies.

For example, we believe that it will become easier for our customers who purchased baby products in Yahoo! JAPAN Shopping, to find baby-friendly shops and articles with helpful information on childcare in the services offered by our Group Companies.