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An update to day-to-daycomfort and security.

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An update today-to-daycomfort andsecurity.

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Making plans to hang up some laundry to dry when you see the first sunshinemark in days...
Forgetting what it was you were looking up as you get caught up reading thenews...
Protecting our customers’ important data to preserve all these everydaymoments is what we’re here to do.

Your data could hold the key to solving the issues society faces.
Using your data safely and providing updates to a happy and secure day-to-day life.
That’s another key part of our mission.

“Yahoo! JAPAN is so handy!”
“You can rely on Yahoo! JAPAN.”
These are the kinds of things we want people to continue to think of us.
So we’d like to explain what we’re doing to secure your privacy.

Data handling

Keeping data safe
and telling you
how it’s used.

The data our customers put on the Internet is a part of our customers themselves. We want customers to know that the data they’ve entrusted with us will be kept completely secure.

Any data from our customers is defined as personal data and, as such, is handled with the utmost care as well as the most comprehensive of security measures. We always make sure your privacy is respected whenever we use your data and inform you exactly what purpose it’s being used for.

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Data protection

Keeping data secure.
Day and night.

Looking up a new artist you like, ordering from well-reviewed restaurants in the neighborhood. Whatever it is, even after you close the window, we’re here making sure your data stays secure 24/7.

We’ll continue to look for ways to constantly improve so we can make sure you can continue to use our services with no reservations. We will also continue to commit ourselves fully to protecting customer data and privacy.

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Data usage purposes.

Here are the seven reasons we use data. The data we use is vital customerdata. Our first priority is to use data in ways that benefit our customers.


To deliver best suited information

Based on the customer’s gender, month/year of birth, and purchase history, we deliver information best suited for our customers, such as recommended products and news articles.


To respond to inquiries

We refer to service usage history, past inquiry history, registered information, etc. when responding to the inquiries from customers.


To deliver products and grant points

We refer to the products purchased, the amount spent, address, name, etc. to deliver products, send bills, grant points, etc.


To send announcements and to communicate with customers

We use the customer’s contact information, such as email address, to send notifications on the services currently used by the customer, as well as to send announcements on more convenient services.


To safely provide services

We use customers’ registered information and use history to prevent and detect criminal or fraudulent acts, such as violations of the Terms of Service, fraud, and unauthorized access.


To improve services and launch new services

To rethink existing services and design new services, we analyze customers’ needs based on their use history of our services, locations of usage, etc.


To research and analyze the status of use, etc. of services

We use customers’ use history of our services to research and analyze the number of service users, the number of views of advertisements, etc. We may also provide the information to research institutions.

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